This is our little space to share on subjects inspiring us (travel, expat ‘; tips & tricks) and keep our most successful culinary experiments while easily finding them (Paperblank notebooks, however beautiful, have no search function;)). And if it can be useful to others (starting with our chéris for dinner inspiration or to help them prepare a brunch), it’s even better: p.

You will not find here perfect pictures but it is in our image, simple, imperfect and without fuss. You want to chat, join us on instagram or write us at contact{at}green-kitties.com

Rather than long sentences to describe us, we’ll do a revisited Chinese portrait.

An animal
Hannao: Koala. Eat, sleep, climb, life: D
Mary: Cat

One number
Hannao: 4
Mary: 7

One color
Hannao: Mint green
Mary: Purple

A plant
Hannao: Just one? I hesitate between fitonnia, purple misery and ficus (I have had it since 2009 and I am very proud to have kept it alive).

A city
Hannao: Amsterdam
Mary: Budapest

A sport
Hannao: Just one? Ok this time I play by the rule: Aerial Hoop

A relaxing break
Hannao: Taking care of my plants with the cat in my paws
Mary: Sitting around in a ice cafe

The ideal vacation
Hannao: A balanced mix of physical activities of all kinds (climbing, cycling, hiking, canyoning, via ferrata, etc.), chill and beautiful landscapes. All in good company. More or less my vacation in Verdon;). Ah yes and good food, after all it’s vacation!

The ingredient you add everywhere
Hannao: Cooking soya (soy cream)
Mary: Smoked paprika

Express dish
Hannao: Hazelnut tart, spinach, (goat cheese), honey
Mary: Fried noodles with vegetables

Comfort food
Hannao: Vegetarian lasagna
Mary: A good vegan Burger

The dish you make the most
Hannao: Pumpkin soup with ginger
Mary: Courgettes with coconut milk and curry

Regressive dessert
Hannao: “Le Thé brun” (in fact it was the recipe on Thé Brun boxes in the 1950s, I felt a little betrayed when I found out ^^ “)
Mary: Madeleine

Express sweet treat
Hannao: Banana/Himbeeren/Cinnamon smoothie
Mary: Bananas with tapioca pearls and coconut milk