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You’ll find here all our favorite places to eat and more ;). We also add visit and other places we liked, maybe even some hotels/bed&Breakfast. In short all the addresses we’d like to know about when we are preparing a trip, a vacation or just looking for our next brunch with friends.


    Places categories
  • Veggie Friendly: Substantial vegetarian and vegan choices
  • Veggie: Vegetarian (oftenly with vegan options)
  • Vegan: Vegan (no animal product at all)
  • Miscellaneous: Monument, museum, view point
The pin icon represent the type of place (restaurant, brunch, burger, fast food/street food, cocktail bar, monastery, castle, etc.) Our personal favorite are mark with a small 💚 in the same color as the category. We also try to indicate when the price is particularly low 💲 or high 💲💲💲